Translucent Face Powder DIY Recipe

DIY Translucent Face Powder Recipe
I got the chance to share one of my favorite DIY beauty secrets with the very awesome Aquila Style magazine! I’ve been using this homemade translucent face powder myself for a while now and love just how simple it can all be. I still have my favorite foundations and make-up that I use but, when it comes to reducing our exposure to chemicals and toxins, a recipe like this is a great way to start. And unlike most powders, this homemade version actually nourishes your skin. Plus, it kind of smells like chocolate!

Here’s the thing: when you see just how easy it is to make your own skincare products and how well they work, you’ll be less impressed the next time you walk into a shop and are bombarded with a million face powders to buy and clutter up your home. With the  money you save, you can invest in the brands that are doing really great things, that you’re happy to support! In the meantime, have fun making your own products at home. It’s my favorite way to unwind and spend time doing something that is positive, healthy and good.

I hope that you’ll pop over to Aquila Style to get the face powder recipe and try it out for yourself!

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