Green Living Workshop Photos!

Green Living workshop photos

I was so excited on the day, that I forgot to take lots of pictures! I did manage to snap a photo of some of the all-natural cleaning products that our students made! They look great!!

Green Living handmade products

It was so fun to share all of the tips that we’ve picked up along the way and to see people interested in learning to make their own things! No longer do we need to settle for products that harm our health and planet! We can make it ourselves!

We’re planning the next workshop again soon, so if you are in Singapore and interested in attending – drop us a message on our very new Green Living facebook page! Or just check in, we’ll be posting updates on future workshops there.

And if you happened to of been at the workshop – please share your photos with us on our Facebook page too!!

Hope to see you at the next one! :)

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