Homemade Vanilla Body Cream

This is hands-down the world’s easiest body cream to make. I think a good, simple recipe can kickstart your DIY journey and this one has only two ingredients – Shea butter and oil. The 1970′s blender is optional – you can opt for something a little more modern, but that’s what I have – so we’re going with it :)


The best thing is that there’s no melting and cooling phase like when making a body butter (which is so lovely, please make it) or even a lotion. This is more your quick – blend and slather recipe. No fuss. That said – I really recommend that you infuse your oil first with vanilla beans to give it a sweet, exotic scent. Here’s how to infuse the oilbut for this recipe, maybe leave out the hot chili! unless it’s cold where you live and you like the idea of a warming lotion…


Shea Butter – a small tub of shea butter can last you for ages, it’s so rich and nourishing you only ever need a tiny bit. Use it straight from the tub to soften your cuticles, on dry patches of skin, even as a deep-treatment for your hair. In this recipe, we’re adding it to give your cream it’s richness and deep moisturising effects. Shea butter is packed with vitamin A, known to be helpful in helping healing wounds, bug bites, skin rashes, ezcema and stretch marks!

Coconut oil – You can really use any oil that you like. Read my top 6 favorites here. Almond and safflower are good for all skin types. Avocado for dry skin. Grapeseed oil is great for oily skin. I really love coconut oil – I always have a bottle of it on the go in my kitchen and I love its skin moisturising, nourishing and cleansing properties!

After blending, you’ll have a rich and thick cream. If you find it to be a little too oily on your skin – add in a bit of arrowroot powder and it will dry with more of a powder finish.

Vanilla Body Cream

It feels so gratifying to make something beautiful, natural and good. It’s a real fist-pump in the air – I can’t believe I just made this – moment that I hope you have :) Give this body cream a go and see if it works for you!


Vanilla Body Cream Recipe


  • 2 tbsp shea butter
  • 4-6 tbsp of oil – more or less depending on how thick or runny you want it. You can use coconut, or another – or make a blend!
    if you want to infuse your oil, check out this vanilla infused oil, but maybe leave the chili seeds out :)

ps – I once tried to infuse my shea butter – never do that! It gets wasted, you start with 1 cup and end up with 1/4 cup! Infuse the oil instead.

  • optional: 1 tbsp arrowroot powder, if you find it’s too oily on the skin


  • in a small blender or magic bullet – blend up your ingredients until creamy smooth
  • done!
  • store it in a jar, will last for a one or two weeks. Make small batches!

photography by: FellowFellow for Little Green Dot

It’s getting hot in here! Vanilla Spice Massage Oil Recipe

Love is in the air! Let’s heat things up with this super easy, yummy and maybe just a little naughty - hot Vanilla Spice Massage Oil! I think it makes the perfect Valentine’s gift! But, I hope  you like it so much – that you use it far beyond February – and have fun celebrating LOVE all year long!


You won’t believe how easy it is. Here are the ingredients we’re using:

Coconut Oil: One of my favorite oils – coconut oil is rich yet absorbs nicely into the skin, making it a good massage oil base. It’s also packed with antioxidants which helps to nourish, heal and protect our skin! In fact, it’s so high in antioxidants, that it makes coconut oil incredibly antimicrobial – so it’s cleansing as well.

Vanilla: Ancient Aztecs found vanilla’s spicy and exotic scent to be a natural aphrodisiac. I wonder if you’ll agree! :) Vanilla has mood enhancing properties, giving our brains a euphoric effect, which helps to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Chili Seeds: This adds our heat! A little goes a long way – so start small. Chili  warms the body, helping to soothe tired muscles and improve circulation.


Every single time I make a chili infusion – I burn my eyes, my lips, my cheeks… don’t be like me. These seeds are potent – so don’t touch your face and do wash your hands immediately. The final infused oil doesn’t burn, it’s only warming… but those tiny seeds are full of heat!


After you strain your oil, reserve the vanilla pods. You can blend them up, mix it into sugar and oil and make a vanilla body scrub too!

There you go! So simple to make, and yet comparable to anything you could buy in a boutique! Bottle your massage oil, tie a bow and make your loved one a Free Massage card. I think you’ll both love it! PS – this makes a lovely body oil too – especially if you could use a little warming up :)


Vanilla Spice Infused Massage Oil


  • 2 vanilla pods
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tsp chili seeds

Directions: there are 2 ways to make it: FAST (heat infusion) or SLOW (cold infusion)

Fast (heat infusion)

  1. cut each pod into four pieces
  2. mix together all of the ingredients in a heat safe glass container with a lid (or foil paper) to prevent the vanilla’s essential oils from escaping into the air.
  3. set in a bain marie for one hour.
  4. strain the vanilla seeds using a coffee filter
  5. bottle your oil  - will keep for 6 months

Slow (cold infustion) many prefer this method to retain the properties of the oil

  1. mix together all of the ingredients in a glass jar with a lid. You can keep the pods whole or cut in half if you prefer
  2. place the jar in a sunny spot for two weeks – the longer, the stronger your infusion will be
  3. if you cut your pods in half, use a coffee filter to strain out the seeds
  4. bottle your oil – will keep for 6 months


photography by: FellowFellow

Where Can You Find Mason Jars in Singapore?

This post is for my Singapore friends, answering one of the top 5 most popular questions of 2013:

Where Can You Buy Mason Jars in Singapore?

You guys really like jars! :) I’m sure you have loads of crafting, organising and gifting ideas – so let’s get you set up!  Here’s a list of shops for you to check out:

  1. Giant – (some outlets) carry Fido glass jars with flip lids and also, and the plastic mason jars with a handle, lid and straw – really good for green smoothies on the go!
  2. Franc Franc - carry the same plastic mason jars as Giant (plus it’s a really cute shop!)
  3. Ikea – they have the larger flip-lid glass jars, really good for pantry goods!
  4. Fairprice Finest – carry Quattro Stagioni jars
  5. Daiso – carry generic glass jars
  6. Spotlight - carry a range of proper canning jars ( 4 for $30) with the double lid system
  7. Howard’s Storage World – sell the same canning jars as Spotlight
  8. Tangs – sell the Quattro Stagioni jars and others
  9. Crate & Barrel - sell Weck jars! Be warned, you can happily spend all day and month’s wages in this store!
  10. Medtra - sell all sorts of glass jars and containers
  11. Every one of these stores sell a variety of mason jars – a kitchen-ware guide that I wrote for Sassy Mama

Did I miss one? Help me grow the list! If you spot another shop, share it with everyone by leaving a comment below!

Check out some of my favorite Mason Jar crafting ideas on Pinterest:


Reader’s Idea: Scented DIY Clay Ornaments

Last year for Christmas I made a garland out of these baking soda clay ornaments (honestly, I kept them hanging up all year!) Then last week, one of our readers sent me a question: Could we add essential oils to scent the clay? I love that idea! You guys are so creative!


She gave it a go… and she said they smell amazing! How cool is that?! I think that a scented clay decoration could be used in so many ways – not just for a Christmas tree! Decorate your home, make a necklace, gift tags..  Get create, give try it a try – and see what you come up with!

Need more inspiration? Click here to check out my Pinterest board for some fun ideas!

Make Baking Soda Clay - Pinterest board

Scented Baking Soda Clay

For step-by-step pictures, check out the Baking Soda Clay Garland I made last year


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 3/4 cups water


  1. Combine the ingredients in a pan over a medium heat.
  2. Stir until the mixture becomes thick, like mashed potatoes
  3. Remove from the pan and allow to cool with a towel covering it so that it will not dry out
  4. Knead the dough for a good minute or two
  5. Roll out the dough flat to about 1 cm thick
  6. Use your shape cutters to create your shapes
  7. Punch out little holes for hanging with a straw
  8. Bake at 80 degrees C. for about 40 minutes, flipping over a few times

Make it scented:

  • After the clay has dried – add a few drops of your favorite essential oils

Handmade Christmas for Home

Hi friends!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of lovely all-natural DIYs that Claire and I have put together! So far, we’ve done one for the Guys (Aftershave), one for the Girls (Lip Balm), and lastly, we’re doing one for your home (Room Spray!).

If I was to ask you what Christmas smelt like, what would you say? I’d say Christmas smells like pine needles, spiced cookies and wine, heaters warming up, candles… So even though I probably won’t have any need for any of those things here in Singapore, we still thought it would be nice to bring those beautiful Christmas smells into our homes.

So let’s make some Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, and Silver Fir Room Spray, shall we? It’s dead-simple! :)

DIY Room Spray

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Small jug of water (enough to fill the spray bottle)
  • Essential Oils (See Below)

DIY Room Spray

As with the Aftershave and Lip Balm DIYs, we had a chat with Herbalist Alina from Abundant Earth to get the low down on the best essential oils to use when creating a festive Room Spray. Here’s what she came up with:

This will give us a sweet and spicy room fragrance, which is nice to spray at gatherings and feasts. Sweet orange creates a cheerful social ambience, while cinnamon stimulates digestion.

DIY Room Spray Step 1.
Fill your spray bottle with water from the jug (or straight from the tap). Add 60 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil, 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil, and 20 drops of Silver Fir Oil. Put the cap on the bottle and gently shake to mix the oils in.

Spray away! It really couldn’t be simpler!

DIY Room Spray

All that’s left to do is to make the bottle look pretty! Claire created some simple black and white labels for you to download and use to decorate your Room Spray Bottle. Head over to her blog and scroll down to the bottom to download your FREE printables! 

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