A new kind of Lunch Experience


I recently had the opportunity to help the Secret Chef (whose name I can’t reveal :) organize one of his underground lunches. He created these experimental, pop-up lunches to celebrate the way food can bring people together. Driven by a belief that “great ideas are discussed over meals and great relationships are built around tables”, he’s now finding a community of people who seem to agree!


When the Secret Chef secures a new location, he sends out an open invitation ( sign up so you can join the next one ) for anyone to attend. He then shows up with his portable sous-vide equipment, cooks up these incredible meals and feeds the crowd.  The food is quality, but it’s such a different experience than going to a restaurant – there’s a real buzz in the air. Volunteers are working together – slicing, garnishing and serving beautiful plates of food. People are showing up from all over the place, everyone is chatting, connecting and I just love that kind of energy so much. I think it makes communities interesting, it brings like-minded people together and good things always come from that!

Making-Papaya-Salad Torch people-gathering

Two sponsors pitched in to help make this event happen. Sabine’s Baskets provided fresh, local produce and the Barbie Girls provided ethical, sustainable meat. They both offer a home delivery service that you should definitely check out.

Because the ingredients used for this meal are all fully traceable, our meals came with a story. The animals, the farms they lived on and the quality of their life. It’s funny because it really got the crowd talking – some loved it, some felt weird about seeing what they were eating, but the point is that everyone connected with the source of their food and that’s really important!


For me, I ate with a happy heart. Everything was sourced with love, made with love. It brought us all together and I made new friends that day. I love that people like the Secret Chef, are creating these experiences for us. If you’re in Singapore, check out the Secret Cooks Club so that you can join in on the next one. If you’re not, see what’s happening in your city and get involved!


photography: Jeff Samaniengo for Little Green Dot

Little Green Dot New Website // Coming Soon

I’m so excited – after long months of planning – Little Green Dot is moving to a new website! The transition will happen in the next week, so you’ll see some big changes around here. I’m still dedicated to sharing my green life, recipes and tips on the blog – but the new site will also have two new pillars to help support your green journey:

  1. Workshops – There will be an updated workshop page and calendar where you can see what’s coming up in the year ahead. We’ll be working with awesome experts to teach the skills you need to create a life you love. Look forward to gardening, cooking, making your own beauty products, learning how to work with essential oils, nutrition and so much more! If you teach workshops, or if you have an idea for something you’d like to learn, email me at: [email protected]
  2. Eco-friendly Shopping Directory – If you live in Singapore, this eco-shopping directory is here to help make conscious buying, easy! You’ll find the better options you’re searching for - but, it’s also so much more than that. We’re working with awesome green businesses and creating a beautiful platform to help them tell their story - so that you can connect with the things you bring into your life. And for those of you around the world – I have no doubt you’ll be inspired by the stories of people and businesses doing things differently. If you are a green business and want to know more, email me at: [email protected] 

It’s all coming very soon! In the meantime, here’s a peek from the photo-shoot we just did for the updated Directory page!

photo-shoot-3 photo-shoot photo-shoot1 photo-shoot3 photoshoot2

Photography by: BrightStar Photography for Little Green Dot

Start the Morning Right // End the Week Right


I love learning from my friends – so the other day I invited Christopher Remaley over to my office to teach us how to make his Spicy Lemonade juice. Chris is a Michelin-star trained chef and knows how to make a GREAT tasting juice. He was the personal chef to Robert De Niro – which was amazing - but Chris told me how the job’s long hours and constantly being on the go nearly ran his body down! Chris learned to heal through juicing and now, living here in Singapore – he started Rejuicenate, a juice cleansing system for those of us feeling a bit run down.

Chris was excited to share his recipes with us but, because what we’re striving for is a healthy balance in life,  he even showed me how to take our morning juice and spike it – into a healthy weekend cocktail! How fun is that?! Grab the recipe, invite your friends around – you’re going to love this!!




First we start with the juice. This is such a refreshing and detoxifying drink – loaded with antioxidants and vitamins – it’s got a spicy kick that wakes up your body and boosts your metabolism. You’ll be looking forward to your morning lemonade for sure!

Chris Remaley’s Spicy Spiked Lemonade Recipe

pro juicing tip: make a big batch, store it in a mason jar filled to the very rim to prevent oxygen exposure.  Keeps for 3 days in the fridge.

Ingredients (makes 1 serving): 

  • 14 ounces (1 3/4 cups) of alkalized water
  • 3-4 juiced medium lemons
  • a few dashes of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tbsp agave nectar
  • pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavours

Chris says:

If you don’t have a jar of agave nectar in the cupboard, don’t fret it. You can substitute it with honey. The agave will yield a sweeter batch that the honey just can’t match. You can substitute filtered water for alkalised if need be, but alkalised is much more hydrating and detoxifying.


  1. cut the rinds off the lemons
  2. switch on your juicer. Chris loves his Norfolk and uses it in his business. Check out my favorite juicers here.
  3. juice all your lemons and mix in the water, salt, cayenne pepper powder and your choice of sweetener. Chris loves the flavour of agave, he finds that because it’s sweet, he can use less than if he used honey.

Then, the next time you have your friends around – pull out your mason jar of Spicy Lemonade, add a splash of vodka and you’ll have a refreshing and absolutely delicious cocktail to share! Light and fresh, this would make a perfect picnic or brunch drink.


Thanks a million to Chris for sharing your recipe with us all. It’s so generous and giving! If you’re in Singapore and feeling a bit rundown - check out Rejuicenate for a delicious juice cleanse!


photography by: Jeff Samaniego


Ten Summer Eco Crafts your Kids Will Love!

Here are 10 great summer crafts that will keep your kiddo happy all afternoon. Or at least for an hour, which honestly is all we need sometimes! :) The great thing is they’ll be creating fun crafts with bits and pieces of materials that we would have thrown away – but now – can happily repurpose. How clever is that?!

I hope you find some inspiration here to create a simple but super-fun afternoon together.


Bubble Snakes

This is my daughter playing with a craft that I put together for her birthday. The kids went pretty much insane over it and played for hours!! Easiest birthday ever.
Get the tutorial: Little Green Dot


Kitchen Roll Kaleidoscope

This looks like a good lazy afternoon activity… for the family to just sit around, happily construct and play.
Get the tutorial: Kitchen Roll Kaleidoscope


Newspaper Fort

I tried this out with my girls – I mean, a fort craft is always a winner!
Get the tutorial:  MPMK


DIY Wind Chime

I really love this idea – taking litter and turning it into art – what a great thing to do with our kids!
Get the Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte


Recycled Bottle Bowling

Perfect for outdoor fun!
Get the tutorial: Moon Frye


Tin Can Monster Feet

Did you makes these when you were a kid? I remember loving this!  I reckon every kid need to experience this one!
Get the tutorial:
 The Allison Show

Pom Pom Shooters

This one takes a minute to make and your kiddo will be happy for the next hour! I’m speaking from experience – you’ll love this one! 
Get the tutorial:


Jellyfish in a Bottle

I recently did a similar craft – a bottle lava lamp – and the girls loved it.  I’m thinking this one would be great fun too!
Get the tutorial: Bhoomplay’s Blog


Floating Ball Activity

Another simple craft that makes for lots of fun!
Get the tutorial: All for the Boys 


Ice Cube Race

A perfect activity for hot days!
Get the Tutorial: Lemon Lime Adventures

PS: If you haven’t yet, check out our Eco-Craft Box for ideas on how to store craft materials and have them ready-to-go, when inspiration (or necessity) strikes!

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